The CTS Production Team brings world-class
design and creativity to your event. 

CTS can help produce your corporate concerts of over 10,000 fans 
as well as support 50 attendees in a small break out room.

We are a full service one-off audio firm, with a team of professionals who can craft and design your custom event. We can even save you tens of thousands of dollars by navigating the precarious artist rider that may be chosen for your event. 

Technology is constantly changing, and our inventory of LED panels and
video monitors are just the start of what is needed in this day and age.
We can provide cameras, switchers, screens, & projectors for the show floor. 

CTS is a major provider of standard lighting fixtures for your car show,
your meeting, your product launch or even just to illuminate your booth.

Moving light technology, LED fixtures for your production needs
as called out on your custom design. Let us help change your environment
with lighting design that makes your event, trade show or product launch stand out.

Production Division


Sean Jackson
Production Designer


Electrical Division


Mike Hust
Electrical • Rentals

David Paulsen